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ABM Social Luminary: accelerating c-suite relationships

ABM Social Luminary

ABM Social media. It has a plethora of infinite networking opportunities. Even more today, it is fit for building relationships, sharing information, appealing to prospects, and earning trust with customers. It also provides companies with real-time information and insight on the expectations, needs and wants of potential customers.

For many marketers, including ourselves here at AmbitionABM, social media is a perfect way to reach out and connect directly with those c-suite roles within an account, opening the door to accelerate those high-level relationships that matter.

In simple terms, it’s about creating your own account influencer, in which we:

  • Develop them as a strategic thought leader who shares highly relevant content (news, product insights, personal) that resonates with your target accounts
  • Use their social media profiles as a gateway to connect and engage in c-level posts
  • Track and monitor account insights
  • Engage with c-level connections – invite them to events and arrange 1-2-1 meetings

Starting the social the conversation

Engaging with the c-suites can be challenging, with many gatekeepers acting as obstacles to success. Using their social channels, such as LinkedIn, we use carefully crafted, personalised messaging to bypass these gatekeepers, and connect clients directly with some of the top-level roles within their most desired accounts.

Once we’ve made that connection, we can then respond to messages and encourage regular communication between the sales and account team, so that they can understand the account better, and in turn produce more relevant content.

Having a consistent brand voice through social luminary is able to create awareness, and more importantly, it can help connect to the audience in a more meaningful way.

At AmbitionABM, we’re already generating successful results through this modern-day marketing method. For one of our clients, by connection building on their account director’s LinkedIn over the last 9 months, our social luminary programme has generated an ROI of 32%; we’re not just connecting their account director with anyone.

By sending out regular invites, in addition to profile activity and event promotions, we’ve reached out directly to the people who matter the most for our clients: the c-suites, the key decision makers. We’ve demonstrated excellent thought leadership skills and shared relevant industry new that is engaging for clients and prospects. We’ve provided a foot in the door for conversations to be had, for deals to be won. To share products and solutions and deepen those relationships.

The new year brings opportunity for new strategies. This social programme has provided us with some brilliant insights that we can use within our wider ABM activity for clients, to create even more targeted messaging, deliver stronger campaigns and produce better results.

Overall, we’ve accelerated the relationships that matter to our clients.

If you also want to target that c-level audience directly yourself, but need some help to do so, then get in contact with AmbitionABM today, to see how we can kickstart your own social luminary programme.

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